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Quench Your Skin This Winter

Quench your skin this winter! Try Our Enriched Luxe Moisturizer

Formulated by Dermatologist with over 30 years of experience in skin care industry with Immediate Visible Results, the Enriched Luxe Moisturizer uses squalane (a natural component of skin and a good emollient that has antioxidant and immune-stimulating properties) and potent antioxidant formulation to boost collagen production while promoting healthy, hydrated skin. Algae Peptides are also impressive in firming and protecting the skin. This moisturizer has amazing soothing and hydrating properties so you can stop worrying about flakiness and treat sensitive skin or rosacea. This lavishly textured cream deeply hydrates skin, and improve skin tone and texture.


Vitamin E helps heal, hydrate and protect skin (we used Wheat Germ Oil's organic state as the richest and purest form of Vitamin E), while Red Algae Peptides from the Hawaiian Sea are particularly impressive in moisturizing and boosting your skins defense against various environmental stresses. Algae firming peptides is a unique extract from the Hawaiian Sea that have a component called hydroxyproline, an unusual amino acid that is rarely found in the skin except within its own collagen.



You will be amazed to see how the flakiness and roughness on your skin disappear. This moisturizer is widely recommended by skin care doctors (dermatologists) and plastic surgeons.


Needing only ONE pump, this product can be stretched a long way. Using a professional airless pump that protects from air, light and bacteria, one pump gives you a precise dose as to not waste the product. It will cover your entire face, neck and clavicle area and can be applied once or twice daily.  What’s better than having a product that will last a long time while maintaining it’s effectiveness? Try and see for yourself!

If you’re looking to pair up, try the 7-in-1 Rejuvenator!




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