Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in DEAR BY RENÉE® Advanced Clinical Skin Care. DEAR BY RENÉE® manufactures a collection of exclusive formulations including Professional Products, specially-sized treatment room products, and a comprehensive range of Retail Products.

Initial Requirements and Guidelines:

  1. Minimum requirements for a skin care treatment room shall include at least one Treatment Room and a Treatment Room shall have four walls with a door.
  2. Each authorized account must have one or more licensed skin therapist(s) employed on a full-time basis to provide dedicated professional skin care treatments and services using DEAR BY RENÉE® products in the Treatment Room.
  3. Professional skin care treatments and services shall be provided in a Treatment Room that is properly equipped for facial skin care services only and regularly maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.
  4. DEAR BY RENÉE® products are sold with the limitation that Professional products shall be used, and Retail products will be sold, only at the location specified at the end of this agreement.
  5. An authorized account holder shall not transfer or sell any products to any unauthorized re-distributor, reseller, or retailer, or through any internet auction/consignment site and/or any internet mall/marketplace.
  6. Each DEAR BY RENÉE® product order placed by an authorized account shall be shipped and billed to the authorized location only.
  7. An authorized account shall purchase an official Opening Order consisting of DEAR BY RENÉE® Professional and Retail products that appropriately represent the DEAR BY RENÉE®  range of products, and shall ideally purchase and maintain at least one complete Tester Unit for the DEAR BY RENÉE® line of products, to be prominently and professionally displayed on the premises.
  8. The initial DEAR BY RENÉE® opening order shall be paid for by one of the following payment methods: Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, and Amex), E-Transfer, Certified Cheque or Money Order.
  9. All overdue accounts will be charged interest at a rate of 2% per month (24% per annum).
  10. DEAR BY RENÉE® prides itself on professional education in the industry and believes that regular training is vital in optimizing each authorized account’s financial performance, End-Consumer retention and staff engagement. Online and/or in-house training will be provided by DEAR BY RENÉE® for authorized accounts and their staff.  As a courtesy to our Educators, please provide a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice to our Educators to request rescheduling of training.
  11. An authorized account shall at all times stock and use, in each of its Treatment Rooms, DEAR BY RENÉE® Professional products for providing professional skin care treatments, and carry and display at all times DEAR BY RENÉE® Retail products at least commensurate with its initial Opening Order.
  12. Presentation and display of DEAR BY RENÉE® Retail products shall be commensurate with your opening order and consistent with the DEAR BY RENÉE® minimum presentation standard.
  13. DEAR BY RENÉE®’s Education material is copyrighted by DEAR BY RENÉE® and is intended to be used for education and reference purposes only. It shall not be sold, copied or duplicated in any manner without the written permission of DEAR BY RENÉE®.
  14. In order to maintain DEAR BY RENÉE®’s established brand image and a consistent consumer marketing strategy, DEAR BY RENÉE® strongly discourages authorized accounts from charging more or less than DEAR BY RENÉE®’s suggested retail prices.
  15. This Agreement is non-transferable. Any ownership or location change shall be reported to DEAR BY RENÉE® within thirty (30) days of such change to reapply or re-qualify for DEAR BY RENÉE® authorized account status and reinstate ordering privileges.  A change of an authorized account’s “Ship-to” address shall constitute a location change and require requalification for authorized account status for reinstatement of ordering privileges.
  16. DEAR BY RENÉE® may, at its discretion, suspend or terminate any authorized account. Grounds for suspension or termination shall include, but are not limited to:  (i) breach, deviation from, or non-compliance with any term of the Ongoing Requirements and Guidelines and any revisions or amendments to these documents then in effect;  (ii) failure to make prompt payment, refusal of shipments, or tendering inadequate or insufficient payment; (iii) actual or attempted infringement on DEAR BY RENÉE®’s intellectual property rights;  (iv) voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy, insolvency or suspension of an account’s business;  (v) repeated complaints by customers concerning an account’s business or other practices; (vi) any illegal or unethical conduct; and  (vii) any action that damages or has the potential to damage the brand name or reputation of DEAR BY RENÉE® or its products.  Suspension or termination does not relieve an account of responsibility to pay for products it has ordered or other obligations to DEAR BY RENÉE®.
  17. It is the authorized account’s responsibility to inspect all packages upon receipt and immediately report any physical signs of damage to product and/or any discrepancies between the product list in the shipment and the physical product received.
  18. Allergic Reactions: We understand that sometimes certain products do not agree with your skin type. DEAR BY RENÉE® will exchange the individual product that caused the Allergic Reaction. All reactions must be reported within the first 48 hours of use. DEAR BY RENÉE® reserves the right to request a Doctors letter and/or photos of the reaction in order to confirm that it was caused by one of our products.
  19. Please note that all instructions, ingredients, opinions and suggestions regarding products on our site have been provided by the manufacturers and/or distributors. If you have any concerns regarding the safety of certain ingredients please contact your doctor or you can contact us for further information.
  20. In its absolute discretion, DEAR BY RENÉE® may close any authorized account’s account for any reason with 10 days’ written notice, sent to the authorized account’s billing address. DEAR BY RENÉE® retains the right to close a authorized account’s account immediately, and without any prior notice, if it has cause to do so.
  21. Becoming a authorized account does not automatically grant that authorized account’s exclusivity within their geographic region. DEAR BY RENÉE® reserves all rights to consider approving new additional authorized accounts in any region on a case-by-case basis.
  22. A minimum opening order of $1000 CAD at wholesale pricing before applicable shipping/handling and/or tax is required to open a wholesale account. A minimum of $3000 CAD annually at wholesale pricing is required to keep your wholesale account.


These Terms and Conditions will govern all sales of DEAR BY RENÉE® products to the authorized account. DEAR BY RENÉE® reserves the right to change them at any time, without prior notice.